James Miller

James C. Miller. (born Dec 28, 1972 in San Benito, Texas) is a contemporary
South Texas artist in flatbed scanned photography and art installations.

Miller grew up in San Benito, Texas, and recounting this period in his life,
he says, " being artistic or even just being plain different was not easy
for a kid in deep South Texas. I felt alienated with having ideas no one
could relate to and being multiracial, felt different because I couldn't
even say I was Anglo or Hispanic." Miller is of Anglo, Hispanic, and Native
American decent.

Miller studied at the University of Texas at Brownsville from 1992 to 1994,
studying drawing, painting, and ceramics. He then moved to Weslaco and
completed his education at the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg.

After graduating, he traveled to Mexico for over a period of 7 years,
visiting the ancient ruins of Meso-American ruins and studying the works of
avant-garde artists of Mexico city.

As of 2007 Miller is working with flatbed scanners and video installations.
He also works with traditional mediums such as clay, oils, and metal. "I
tend to lean on obscurity, distortion, and darkness to lead the viewer to
meditate and to experience deep levels of meditation. I look to ultrasound
scans, irregular frequency on broadcast radio, breaking of satellite images
for inspiration."