Jerry Vigil
As a Chicano Artist I create Santos art and a personally created Muertos style art as a statement of culture. The two styles are opposite ends of a cultural spectrum that gives a defining character and an openness of interpretation. Both styles are set within a known and sometimes rigid formula. My creative process takes these styles and makes them contemporary and modern using modern materials and design. 

My Santos art, (Retablos, Reredos, Bultos) utilize both wood and clay. Power carving, hand carving and sculpting in clay give unique elements to a historic style of art while paying respect to the art form.

My Muertos art, (Which isn't shown in the slides unfortunately) is a variant of the Day of the dead style of art where I use the Calavera (Skeleton) as the basis of modern satire or statement.

Both styles of art reflect a strength and pride of the Chicano culture and strike a cord in many viewers.