Kathy Cano Murillo
I can't help but express myself through a sort of whimsical simplicity that screams out my love for my culture. Up until I was in my early 20's I was never in tune with the beauty of it and all it had to offer me. My parents felt it would be better to grow up in a white bread environment. They meant well but it robbed me of sooo much! I always felt different from everyone else but it never clicked why. When I met my husband - who was a 48 Chevy driving pachuco at the time - he changed my life by forcing me to eat Mexican food. That one night of our first date meant so much, it changed my life. Since that moment all I've wanted to do is soak up what I've missed. I finally feel complete and represented as to who I am and where I came from - even if its through something as simple as painting a magnet for my fridge.

By incorporating Latino themes, intense colors, glitter trims and thick varnish, I love to create extensive designs that can be appreciated by anyone. My whole goal is to make people happy, even if its for one second when they first see my work. I don't care if it's sewing a quilt out of chicano t-shirts, painting a mural for a school or a embellishing group of flower pots for someone's front lawn, my work has a place in my heart and hopefully many other's hearts :-)