Leticia Alaniz

Photography has been a very creative force in my life. At every opportunity where I found people leaving behind special memories, I wanted to have my camera there capturing the experience. I photograph moments that sometimes, only when stopped, can truly be understood and appreciated. My principal body of work focuses on the human experience; portraited in everyday life. Through photography, seconds of time tell us a lifetime of stories.

In this collection of photographs of the art of the Charrería, I focused on telling the story of the tradition, culture, and national sport of México. This tradition began centuries ago with the arrival of the horse and the Spanish conquistadors, and has been immortalized countless times in films made famous by Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, and Javier Solis, among many others. My hope is that viewers will contemplate these moments and arrive at a better understanding and appreciation of the romance and sentiment of the Charrería.

Leticia Alaniz Cano