Lisette Chavez

I am a Mexican American visual artist who enjoys working via mixed media on
paper. My pieces are primarily figurative, with a close-up approach that
serves as an insight of observations based on human life. Growing up along
the Texas/ Mexico border has greatly influenced my work.

As a child, I grew up with an interest in drawing that started at the early
age of four. In the early 80?s, much of our culture was embedded with movies
and television shows that depicted monsters as being the norm. Television
shows, such as The Addams Family, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, The
Munster?s, etc. were a part of my daily visual diet and formed the basics of
my generation. As a young adult, my Mexican culture reinforced my beliefs by
the celebrations of Day of the Dead; death is perceived as transitional,
rather than an end. As an adult my interest in monsters hasn?t diminished,
however I realize that adults are confronted with good and evil, and when
choosing between the two they have the opportunity to become a blessing to
those around them or a curse on the world: saints or monsters. The loss of
morals and family values throughout our culture, especially within my
generation, is most obvious when the immoral choice is made.

My work covers the broad spectrum of the human condition, both life and
death; beginnings and endings. It is a metaphor for the disintegration of
our morals and frailty of human life. Most importantly, it is a
self-investigation through my past experiences, thoughts and dreams.