Maceo Montoya
Cuantas Veces
La Sombra

Born into a family of artists, I was raised believing in the potency of
storytelling. Through a variety of mediums I was exposed to the importance
of conveying histories and expressing one's feelings in an attempt to depict
the human condition. My artwork is a reflection of this upbringing. I am a
constant observer of life, both its beauty and its hardship. As a
figurative painter, I attempt to portray my surroundings by addressing its
complexities on a structural, as well as personal level.

Although my academic training in History and Ethnicity Race & Migration is
integral to my current work, my decision not to pursue further studies in
these disciplines is in part due to my belief that art has a singular
ability to represent the intricacies of society in a way that other academic
fields cannot. Artists have an important responsibility; they are the
creators of culture and help to define a society, but they are also
society's conscience. The figures of my work--the faces, the scenes--are
fictitious, but I've created them in an attempt to show life in a way that
helps others to see differently, to make an emotional connection to that
which is different, misunderstood, or altogether unseen.