Martha Dickson Allen
Martha Dickson Allen is a romantic realist who's watercolors are almost synonymous with travel and adventure. Her goal is to show the richness of exotic cultures through compelling ethnic portraits and colorful market and street scenes so typical of Latin America.

An extensive background in illustration has influenced the artist's technique considerably. Although she has a degree in Art Education, Martha chose instead a career in commercial art. Initially working in fashion and advertising, she also authored and illustrated two childrens' books published internationally by Prentice-Hall.

Because of a passionate interest, Martha has chosen to depict life ways of the indian world in a special way only her experience provides. Her knowledge of anatomy and the methods she learned as a fashion illustrator serve her well in rendering form and texture, and in the representation of costume. Portraits and figurative landscapes are executed in dazzling detail and she captures profoundly the expression in the faces of people, their dignity and individuality, the authenticity of their dress and surroundings; this is her trademark, the culmination of her obvious admiration and respect for the subject.

To Martha, indigenous people have a wondrous and romantic appeal. She fears that many of their ways are being lost to us forever. Thus, she has become a visual ethnographer, always seeking new and remote locales for photo research expeditions, hoping to capture that incredible human diversity that never ceases to fascinate and inspire her.

Art can take you places you never thought you could go. Take a marvelous and exciting journey through the magical watercolors of Martha Dickson Allen.