Michele Ramírez

"Clase Obrera"

I have always loved the human form. I have a reverence and a respect for all of its infinite possibilities--young, old, agitated, at peace. A simple gesture bears the weight of the composition. Color ties it to emotion. My paintings are observations, studies and comments on daily life.
The first brush stroke is the most important. If I fail to establish the structure quickly, I face an uphill battle. I don't win every battle. However, when I nail it, all the excitement, all the joy inherent in painting rushes out. I can dance in my studio.

Painting is a joy. It is also work and I work everyday. My ethic is inspired by the rural farming community to which I was born. I am a third generation Mexican American. My grandparents both grew and harvested the crops of California's Central Valley. My family encouraged me, nurtured my dream, thus, I am the unexpected artist. I have lived my life contrary to the expectations of others in my dusty little town, there, and elsewhere.

I am captivated by the geometric structures that formed the relatively empty landscape of my youth. Elements of abstraction and formal structure lend ambiguity to the implied narrative of each piece. I leave the story to the viewer.