Miguel-Pablo Gonzales


For the past several years after leaving San Anto, I've been on a spiritual journey. A journey of rebirth, regrowth and reconstruction. Whenever people ask me where I'm from, I usually tell them, that I am the sprout of a seedling of algodón, maíz and nuez. I'm from the cotton, the corn and the pecan. These are the elements of the earth that my ancestors knew well, because it was their livelyhood.
They picked cotton, shelled pecans, and harvested corn, all in South Tejas. This is where I'm from, y deveras, in spirit, this is where I'll always be. Neta! Because of my ancestors I have the hands of a creator, the back of a worker, the feet of a danzante, the tongue of a storyteller, and the fist of an activist. These traits translate into anything that I create; a painting, an image, una danza, una poema, something constructed or something said.
It is my life to create so that I may be created.