Nery Lemus

At a time of silent and open injustice, my main objective is to use my art as an educational tool. I find that the only way one can help decrease our injustices is by education. I believe that art can serve as a form of education by narrating a story with images. Images are the universal language, which transcends boundaries and borders. My art does not part with the history of images but fondly embraces it. I champion the object in art and embrace the reception of contemporary figurative work that simultaneously embraces provocation, criticality and visual pleasure. My images deal with notions of social critique, self-determination/identity, culture, spirituality, and humor. I feel that art is at a place where it can be free to be anything and everything. This is so after a time when art was driven by manifestos and guided by dogmatic ideologies that embraced a certain ideal of purity. To this end, I will generally embrace working in all mediums, avoiding being confounded to one genre. A brush, a camera, a pencil, a video camera, a hammer and poetry, to name a few, can all be tools in the process of my artistic conception