Pilar Acevedo

I strive in my work to portray memory not as a linear experience, but as something evoked by a network of triggers that cannot be articulated simply as a "story." Memory occurs in muddied layers, levels, and pieces, and is metamorphosed according to who one is, at the moment, one remembers past events.

The theme of "dolls" often appears in my work to serve as a detachment in persona; the semblance "she" allows me to process experience and memory to tactile form, to view them unmasked. My dolls are often either naked, challenging shame; or excessively frilled, ridiculing facade. The dolls can appear as original subjects or elements of collage. I look to capture cerebral, intangible memories as well as those that manifest themselves in matter--those that are resurrected by nostalgic objects. I deal with facets of loss, and the elevation and adornment of those objects or people that represent loss, particularly through death, of children and childhood. I also address subconscious fears that stem from the uncertainties of childhood, from a childlike perspective or from the perspective of an outsider who identifies with, and wants to protect, the children that are my subjects or, who identifies with his/her own attachment to childhood. I marry painting, drawing, and sculpture with figures of contrasting media, evoking the tactile and the ethereal.

I attach importance to physical depth in my work; the sculpture and mixed-media pieces invite the viewer to touch and listen, and the pieces on canvas suggest multiple layers, often evoking the influence of past on present.