Roberto Hernández

ArtesanoI moved to Puerto Rico more than 3 decades ago and was immediately influenced by the life style that was present then and the freedom. I sought to portray that which was changing, a life style that was quickly vanishing. I arrived at a time in which much change was underway and an assimilation of stateside trends, fashions and values was well underway, smothering much of what we held dear of our own culture. Unfortunenately it still continues and as anyone who lives here can tell you large portions of Puerto Rico are quickly vanishing to the human advance of commercial developments.

Gone are the old days when I cherished the walk's through Piñones tasting the many delicacies available at the many Kiosko"s which are now a thing of the past. Gone are the many farms that could be seen from the roadside on drives around the island, replaced by large expanses of commercial developments. HerenciaThe Pueblos have also seen their share of change now no longer the center of activity on the weekends having been replaced by the many shopping malls that have destroyed the livelihood of many of the quaint old stores. At this rate our island will soon suffer the fate of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Hawaii and many other cities and islands that have fast become virtually unlivable due to the un-satiable appetite of the land developers of the world

I continue here on our shrinking island and continue to chronicle what can only be the death of a lifestyle.