Ruby Chacon

A native to Utah, Artist Ruby Chacón, is recognized as one of the
contemporary voices in American Art. She caught the attention of collectors
with a distinct style and approach in her brush strokes, extreme detail,
color and subject. Without being didactic, she picked up the theme of her
Mexican heritage and revealed large close-ups of family members, ancestors,
friends, etc. Her work brought a fresh, yet startling, revelation to old

These figures transcend the canvas with emotion and impact leaving the
viewer wondering about the stories, the lives and the histories of the
people in the images on the surface. Images of farmers, sheepherders, women
making tortillas, tattooed men in hairnets, natives and much more, these are
not the happy romantic and nostalgic faces of immigrant workers seen in
prints across the Southwest. These are bold, honest looks at humanity, faces
that are tired, hands that are scarred, men that are dignified in their work
and women who have lived lifetimes. This documentary aspect of her work
quickly attracted the attention of various groups, who saw not only a unique
signature, but also an important voice in American history who is capturing
and telling the Chicano narrative with all its complexities and
contradictions. With the same fervor she brought to her paintings she
launched into muralism and has left a permanent record on the streetscapes
of Salt Lake City, Utah

Ruby Chacón has received numerous awards and recognitions for her work
including, but not limited to: The National Cultural Heritage Award, The
Salt Lake City Mayor's Award for Visual Arts, The Governor's Award for
Visual Arts. In 2006 she was nominated as Utahn of the year by the Salt Lake
Tribune. In 2008 she was acknowledged as 1 of the top 25 cultural power
brokers in the state of Utah. Other acknowledgments include: one of the 20
most influential Latinos in the State of Utah, one of the top 20 artists to
collect, best Self Portraits and many more. Chacón is certain to be an
artist who leaves her name in the historical record as she discovers herself
again and again