Sergio Gomez
My artwork responds to a personal search to establish a visual dialog with my physical and spiritual identity and to explore the human experience. As a result of this constant search, I create images that are at times peaceful and poetic, and other times they are dramatic, evocative and visually enigmatic.

The human figure is the main element that dominates my work. I find a strong physical and spiritual connection with the figures I create; physically, because they begin as a result of outlining my physical body into the canvas or paper surfaces; spiritually, because I approach them with spontaneity letting my emotions work their way out and into the work. The human figures are born, grow, laugh, cry, age and decay as they exist in their transitional state. They represent the human experience of being alive.

The dialog between myself and my work ceases when the created images surrender to my appeals, convey a personal reality, and embrace their own aesthetic identity.