Tony Mendoza
I was born in New York to Cuban parents, but was brought up in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. I started my artistic endeavor by rendering the colorful and historic homes in this section of the city, displaying them to the public at the monthly artistic gatherinq ( Viernes Culturales ) in Little Havana. My involement in the areas latino art scene then inspired me to create a series of whimsical vignettes ( estampas ) depicting life in this my childhood home. I then explored exile nostlagia and my own yearning for the mother country in a series of murals depicting scenes from Cuba at the Sentir Cubano Building also in Little Havana.I am a working artist specializing in house portraits. My primary meduim is acrylic on canvas and digital art on paper, my style has been described as Primitive expressionist, though I don't label or box myself into any category.