Zulma Aguiar

In my cultural production toolbox I use Adobe Creative Suites and Final Cut Pro Studio products to create websites or interactive online and DVD media. I also like working in the studio with MaxMSP/Jitter artists and Mechanical Engineers to produce interactive sculptures.

A pattern that emerges in my work is feminism and border culture. I tend to use colorful and vibrant images. My graduate Art School program taught experimental media offered many courses in the production of music, however, I decided to go with the more experimental video art avant-garde aesthetics inspired by professors such as Kathy High, Branda Miller and Nao Bustamante.

My favorite colors are brown red and blue. Video is best shot under
cloudy conditions when light is refracted between the earth and clouds. Often times I use video production lighting gels to produce the brown or warm colors over rich primary colors such as red and blue. The U.S. Mexican flags both include red. And blue is not too far from green. Those are colors that tend to create the best visual interactions.

I love working with video as another way to re-present my world view in a sort of, Papertiger activist aesthetic. The fact that I come from a poor family reminds me of how difficult it was to just gain access to the very expensive medium and I try to experiment with the visual aesthetics of video using Final Cut filters and effects as well as special techniques in three point lighting and chroma key effects.

What I like best about what I do is that I try to inform as well as inspireothers who denounce purist notions about race and culture. I promote the mixing of medias just as much as I promote the mestizaje of cultures. The idea of Meztiaje is discussed broadly in the writings of Chicana Lesbian artist, Gloria Anzaldua. I am pro-immigrant, pro-mestizaje, pro-queer and pro-choice. I consider myself culturally catholic but much like Anzaldua's Chicana experience I too feel rejected by Mexicans for not always, "behaving" as expected.

I am inspired by contemporary unruly women and their predecessors.