Ricardo Favela, 1944-2007

Dear Friends,

I write this letter with great sadness to inform you that our beloved teacher Ricardo Favela died on Sunday, July 15, 2007 in Dinuba, California of a heart attack. Favela was a great person, a great father and a great teacher and friend. Favela was a humble man that fought for civil rights with his artwork and community activism. Ricardo Favela was a founder of the Rebel Chicano Art Front aka the Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF). The RCAF is a Chicano artist collective founded in Sacramento, California in 1969. Favela and the RCAF Supported the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) during the Civil Rights Movement. Ricardo was a faculty member at the California State University, Sacramento's Art Department were he taught printmaking and Barrio Art for over 10 years. Favela's students will miss him dearly and through the use of serigraphy, they will keep his vision of community empowerment alive.

His memory and legacy will live through his wife Clara Cid and their children Margarita, Florentina, Manuel and Rosita.

Here are the details of his funeral:

Wednesday at 6pm
Dopkins Funeral Chapel, 189 South J Street, Dinuba, CA 93618

Thursday at 10am
Dopkins Funeral Chapel, 189 South J Street, Dinuba, CA 93618

Internment will follow at the Smith Mountain Cemetary

A Memorial in Sacramento is currently being planned. Details to come soon.

Rudy Cuellar

Posted 7/17/07


Last night at the Rosario was like an installation exhibit of a man who gave his life to the arts and the arts were his life.

His four children Margarita Raden, Florentina, Florencio Manuel, Rosita, and his beloved wife Clara Cid were by his side the whole time.

Shared thoughts by his family:

Things I remember that my dad would say to me: "If it don't feel right, don't do it. Keep your antennas clean. I'm an American by birth and a Chicano by Choice." - Manuel

Every time I wanted to hold his hand he would say, "Vatos don't hold hands." - Clara

My dad was my hero. My first and best teacher.
I will be forever grateful for the
time I got to spend with him.
Thank you for everything POPS!
Thank you for being so
supportive and being proud of me.
I will take care of mom.
I love you and will miss you
for the rest of my life. - Tina

Love you for always taking care of us. We will continue to love one
another and take care of each other like you have shown us. Thank you for believing and supporting our dreams. - Maggie

I love my dad. - Rosita

Rudy Cuellar

Posted 7/19/07; updated 2/9/09